The benefits of the ParQnCHARGE system:


More BEVs - more costumers

The less powerful 3,7kW ports can be installed at more parking spots and therefore service more customers – generating more income than fewer higher powered ones


Overnight parking & charging

The customer can leave their car in the same spot while charging overnight. More than 100 km are recharged in 6 hours.


One system for park & charge

The combination of parking and charging is provided for each individual spot with one payment-system via smartphone.

The ParQnCharge system is designed to serve a variety of charging customers simultaneously overnight – without interrupting the their night’s rest.

With conventional solutions, the TCO of charging must be considered in addition to the TCO of the parking system. By fully integrating both solutions into one single use case, SimParQ offers a very cost efficient system leading to a faster ROI by keeping the initial investment lower.

This also provides further convenience to the customer, who no matter their individual needs is only interacting with one unified system.