Flow <-> Spot Paradigm

The benefits of our single spot system:


Central control at per spot

Each spot is reporting its own status at any time and can be customized in real time. A decentralized system further eliminates the need for barriers or ticket machine.


Freely scalable

Consisting of individual wireless units, there is no complex installation needed to operate the system. The lack of an extensive central system helps keeping initial investments low and enables it to be financially viable in even very small installations.


Powered by established apps

The payment, booking and communication is handled by already widely spread messaging applications – the customer does not need to install yet another specific app to use our system.

In the conventional flow systems the location of the parked car is unknown between entering and exiting. Since cars aren’t tracked individually, every parking spot has to be treated the same. This results is an uniform parking fee that can not be adjusted further. 

Our dynamic solution is able to manage every spot separately, offering various advantages.

The system provides more functions than any current parking system can offer. 

The customer is able to book parking spots directly from their smartphone and find the exact spot fitting their requirements. If they need a spot in proximity to an elevator, or fast or overnight charging, it’ll direct them to the available spots on demand.

As for the parking lot owner, they’re able to freely set tariffs based on their metrics and preferences.

In the spot paradigma each spot is intelligently controlled by its own micro-computer. With an integrated camera and RGB-LED signal lights showing each spot’s current status.

Due to the spot’s independence, it can be freely customized at any time, giving an easy framework for reservations, discounts, or other individual treatment. Furthermore it limits upfront costs and offers low costs per unit, making the entire system much more scalable than other solutions.