Benefits of SIMPARQ

Mobility Hubs, Digital Parking and a couple handful more are the latest buzzwords in the shift to sustainable transport. No matter what the future happens to call for, the ability to manage each parking space within a lot individually gives the operator maximal freedom to serve a wide variety of parking needs without any parking cluster constraints. There is virtually no minimal size for a lot to be economically viable, removing it as an investment criterion. Even smaller offstreet parking opportunities previously avoided due to being inefficient can now be managed with a positive ROI. This helps the operator to continued growth in the public parking sector.

In addition, the municipalities and cities want to banish stationary traffic at the curb. This ensures an ever increasing demand in offstreet parking.

Politicians and their daily press have already given all the indicators of a growing need for charging facilities in off-street parking, especially at night.

The SimParQ DynamicParking paradigm is particularly beneficial in neighborhood parking with mixed lifestyles and business environments, creating different needs for side by side parking spots that can be managed by the operator in one system.

Spots can be used by business customers during the day, then rented out to residents to provide them with opportunities for overnight charging, easily customizable on a spot by spot basis.