Fast <-> Slow Charging

Especially in cities, apartments and houses tend to not offer the space or infrastructure to install charging equipment for the residents, or the streets itself aren’t able to support it. This presents a real problem for residents in those areas – without easy access to charge their car at any time, switching over to an BEV is simply not feasible.

Many public parking areas are not utilized at night. This presents a lot of wasted potential, since proprietors can not generate income from their assets during closing times.

We offer a solution presenting a win-win situation for both operators and residents: By installing slow charging, 3,7kW charging ports, cars can be charged overnight to cover most daily needs.

As a byproduct, this charging solution comes at a lower price point and is subjected to fewer regulations than more powerful port.

On average a car drives roughly 40 km per day – a distance that can easily be recharged overnight, with a buffer to spare.

We aim to make slow charging a staple and affordable alternative to residents in locations where they can not access individual wall boxes.

The system enables 24 BEVs to be charged for a distance of up to 100km during the night, without the need for the owners to wake up and move them – because the BEVs do not have to give up their spots after 1 – 4 hours to allow the next customer to access the charging station.

The lower powered charging ports require fewer permissions, which helps keeping investment costs low and get an ROI faster.


We have the concept to create this win-win situation. It’s an easy way to take advantage of empty parking areas and people searching for charging spots throughout the city.

Combined with our SimParQ Spot-System we deliver the solution for the future of modern and CO2-neutral mobility.

With low installation costs and being easy to get approved, it’s the logical evolution of parking standards for our cities.