23 hours of parking per day!

Did you know that the average European car drives only 40 km each day, while parking for 23 hours?

The future of charging

What does this actually mean for charging our electric cars in the future? More and more older vehicles are getting replaced by electric ones and they need infrastructure for charging and parking

Rethink parking

Reason enough to rethink the parking and charging processes as a combined whole and optimize them for the benefit of both customer and parking operator

Our solution: individual parking control

OffStreet Parking’s current parking management systems are designed for mass parking lots – usually thousands or more parking spaces. All cars, regardless of size and purpose, are managed the same way – naturally so, since the flow paradigm, which manages only the entry and exit of a parking space, but not the individual parking spot, leaves no other option. Thus the specific location of individual cars within the parking lot remains unknown.

A computer intelligence with ANPR camera at each spot enables individual settings: Spot owners can rent their parking space and charging box to business parties over day, at night nearby residents lacking their own wall box can charge their BEV.

Our ParQnCharge system is designed to serve a variety of customer needs simultaneously overnight, without the need to get up and free up the spot.

Why should a smaller car pay exactly the same as an SUV? Or why do parking spaces near the elevator cost the same as ones farther away? It’s time to change this, by enabling control of each individual parking spot with its own tariff – resulting in fair treatment for each car and added convenience for the customer.

DynamicParking® means freedom for both customer and provider. Every parking spot is its own area, combined with individual billing, charging and administration. The result is a highly flexible and easy to install system, which can be adapted to fit any parking or charging use case. Additionally the lack of necessity for a central payment terminal or barriers offers a myriad of additional advantages.